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9607 MLS Pod Episode 90: 2021 Season Predictions!

Episode 90: MLS 2021 Season Predictions!

Western Conference Predictions – 8:03

Eastern Conference Predictions – 36:50

Competition and Individual Award Predictions – 1:07:40

CLTFC and MLS News – 1:28:20

9607 MLS Pod Episode 89

Episode 89: We’re back and making up for lost time! We cover everything, and I mean everything Charlotte FC from PSL drama, to player highlights, to Tepper, to supporter groups!

PSL’s and Season Ticket Pricing 2:47 

CLTFC Roster Update 42:14

CLTFC Coaching discussion 1:03:23

MCC Soapbox 1:10:52

Good things from Tepper 1:20:34

Local media coverage 1:25:55

CLTFC & MCC Criticism and Reputation 1:30:39

9607 MLS Pod Episode 79

Episode 79: MLS is Back? Maybe? MLS is BACK! Tournament Preview!

Statement from Zach and Vaughn 4:30

MLS Recap Bulletpoints 8:00

Should the MLS is Back tournament happen? 19:07

MLS is Back Tournament Details 28:44

Tournament Predictions 32:28

Pre-Tourney Player Movement 49:27

9607 MLS Pod Episode 69

Episode 69: Charlotte is joining MLS, baby!!! 2021 can’t come soon enough! Listen in to get details on the official announcement, our first-hand experience, and the latest news regarding #MLS2CLT!

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